Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: eight

8 – Talaboman – The Night Land (R&S Records)

Axel Boman and John Talabot come together as Talaboman for this absolute treat on R&S Records.

The Night Land could be dismissed as yet another house album on first listen, but listen out for the drones that infect the album throughout, or the occasional electronic stabs that remind you the machines are in charge.

Loser's Hymn is one of the best tunes of the year too.

In my mind, the people that are enjoying this are ageing ravers forever trapped in a 4/4 beat against an imaginary Ibizan sunset. The builds and break-downs are long gone: all that is left is the pulsating rhythm itself.

Or, in another possible universe, this album is proof that Luke Abbott has always been a member of Kraftwerk.

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