Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: nineteen

19 – Antwood – Sponsored Content (Planet Mu)

"I'm loving it!" says the scary voice.

Imagine me crawling out of your device's screen and climbing up onto your face. Imagine me licking your eyeballs and nuzzling your tonsils. Imagine what that feels and sounds like. The slobbering, the slurping, the farting. This is called ASMR (Auto Sensory Meridian Response), an experience that inspired Antwood's latest album.

In fact, the album's second track The New Industry contains the kind of weeping that the above situation may induce in you.

Sponsored Content feels like we're caught in the modern Blade Runner universe, with all the sounds and feels chopped up by Holly Herndon. Data noises come and go, the voices are surveilling every part of us... and it feels good.

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