Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: sorry about the fake news joke

Let's pause the countdown once more. Here are some tasty techno tidbits which, although worthy of your attention, just didn't make the grade for the final top 20. Consider them as pathetic rejects, but also really brilliant albums wot you should listen to.

Here's some Fake news (ha ha): Nathan Fake nearly made it into my final 20 with Providence (Ninja Tune). He seems to have beaten down his writer's block with some impressively chunky synth work. Peverelist's Tessellations (Livity Sound Recordings) matched beefy bass with airy ambience. I definitely detected some Stranger analogue Things in Pye Corner Audio's superb The Spiral (Death Waltz Recording Company) Stranger analogue things

Just finished thowing shapes and/or having it large? Enjoy some amazing post-club non-bangers in Teengirl Fantasy's 8AM (Planet Mu). Two decades of German techno were represented on Thomas Brinkmann's Retrospektiv (Third Ear Recordings), with it all feeling like an odd basement party with
Kraftwerk. And Manchester's Modern love label pumped out some staggering, paranoid techno on Turinn's 18 1/2 Minute Gaps (Modern Love).

Not enough? Then try some moody pounders on 400PPM's Fit for Purpose (Avian), shiny electronic funk on Sinjin Hawke's debut First Opus (Fractal Fantasy). beguiling afro-euro dancehall techno on STILL's ungoogleable I (PAN) or Andrew Weatherall's positively polite Qualia (Hoga Nord).

Phew. We're nearly there.

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