Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: fourteen

14 – Bola – D.E.G. (Skam Records)

Bola is back, and with his most tenuous album title yet.

Like Actress, Darrell Fitton was supposed to be in retirement, He began his career helping out with Autechre's debut album Incunabula and supposedly finished his career with 2007's Kroungrine, Ten years ago, I denounced that album as, er, boring, Oops.

I was wrong (sorry), and he's back with D.E.G. to remind us all how much we've missed Bola. Think Boards of Canada, Biosphere, The Black Dog. Pretty much any artist beginning with B.

Avantual allows so much space around the beats, you're likely to contract agoraphobia. The Pelomen trilogy will nestle under your skin. And the biting Landor 50X2 as good as anything he's done before. It's a tasty album, and a welcome return.

Wait. Not Bay City Rollers. It sounds nothing like Bay City Rollers. Pretty much any artist beginning with B apart from them.

I can't find easily embeddable streaming from an official source, so this YouTube rip will have to do.

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