Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: twelve

12 – LCD Soundsystem – American Dream (DFA Records)

“Does it make you uncomfortable?” says David Bowie to James Murphy when the latter talks of reforming one of the noughties’ most influential dance outfits; a band that has scored a generation’s first gigs, first drugs, first snogs. “Yeah,” replies Murphy, looking into the eyes of the scrawny duke. “Good – it should,” says Bowie: a blessing to chill the disco shoes of the most seasoned producer.

So starts my Electronic Sound review of LCD Soundsystem's latest album American Dream. Want to read the rest of it? Track down issue 33 of the magazine.

That's it for this review. No more words. Just a teaser. And you already know whether you like this album or not anyway because, hey, it's LCD flipping Soundsystem.

In fact, it's really great. Why is this not in my top ten? I am an idiot.

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