Dec 30, 2017

The only new year list that counts

The other day, the Queen stopped me in the street. "How do," I said.

Her Highness replied by asking me if I was doing my albums of the year list like wot I done in previous years.

"Why yes, your Madge," I replied. "It'll probably be a bit briefer than in previous years, but it will still be packed full of juicy choons and block-rocking beats."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," replied the Queen. And just before she scooted off on her skateboard, she awarded me five MBEs, two knighthoods, a damehood, a cycling proficiency certificate, seven magic beans, and a conker.

"Is that conker a 100er?" I asked.

"Totes," said the Queen as she grinded the railings outside Asda followed by a mad 780 flip. "It's, like, totally a 100er, honestly I didn't even put it in the oven or nuffink."

My 2017 albums of the year will appear on my blog throughout new year's eve. Stay tuned.

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