Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: twenty

20 – Lee Gamble – Mnestic Pressure (Hyperdub)

The bass drum comes creeping through the pipes on Lee Gamble's new album on Hyperdub. The broken beat on Istian seems uniquely Gamble, following its own rhythmic logic, while tracks like UE8 feel like a horrendous club flashback. And yes, that's a cowbell amid the hallucinatory Quadripoints.

With its wonky rhythms, Mnestic Pressure will please junglists looking for something more ambient. For a more colourful description of Gamble's work, let's turn to a comment on Discogs:

"If a red 1994 Honda Accord blaring jungle smashed into a gallery showcasing 19th Century pastoral paintings, and somewhere in there a computer existed, then you might get a glimpse to Lee Gamble's music."


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