Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: an introduction

Welcome to the best electronic music albums of 2017.

That's right. The best. This is not an opinion. This is not fake news. This is cold hard fact. The BEST techno and IDM and ambient and house and experimental albums of the year.

Okay, I'll come clean. It's all opinion. Even as I type this, the list is in flux. Although I have ploughed through dozens of albums, I've tried not to think too hard about my choices, and if I were to publish this on another day, you'd get a different list.

HOWEVER. I live, breathe and fart electronic music, sometimes in the form of reviews for Electronic Sound magazine, so I hope this list counts for something. If you want to see choices for previous years - this is now the ninth year I've done this - then click here.

This is what's going to happen. Every quarter of an hour today, I shall publish a blog post. Each blog post will be something from my top 20 albums of 2017, or a bunch of also-rans that didn't quite make the final list.

Throughout the day, we'll build up over 100 recommendations of excellent electronic music, climaxing with a grand announcement at teatime: THE best electronic music album of 2017.

Although I have cross-referenced against key album lists on other websites, I have not been guided by them. Last year, an anime remix album won. This year's top album may also come as a surprise - or perhaps it will be an old favourite.

Let's find out. Click here to follow my electronic albums of the year list - keep refreshing that tab, and follow the links to some sweeeeet tunes.

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