Dec 30, 2019

Best electronic albums of 2019: an introduction

Welcome to my annual list of the best electronic music albums of the year. Come in. Take a seat. Not that one, that's my seat. Take a stool. Sit in the corner. Face the wall. This is going to be fun!

Rating music seems to be going out of fashion, with Fact refusing to number their lists and Resident Advisor no longer numbering their reviews. However, I have never considered myself fashionable: I'm so out-of-date, I find Crocs sexy, and I mean the reptiles *and* the shoes.

I'm about to foist my top 20 favourite albums of 2019 on you. It will take the form of a series of blog posts throughout the mornings of December 30th and 31st. Numbers 20 to 11 today, then the top ten tomorrow. It will culminate in the reveal of the number one Best Electronic Music Album of 2019, which should be at 1.30pm tomorrow, new years eve.

That'll give you plenty of time before your evening celebrations to nip to Our Price or Woolworths and buy the best album on CD. People still do that, right?

A couple of things to remember:
Firstly, do not take this too seriously: ask me again in a week and I'll no doubt have a different list: top ten household whisks or something. Everyone just chill.
Secondly, it's is only my opinion, but my opinion is also fact, and facts are law, so to avoid jail you must take all of this very seriously indeed.
Throughout the top 20, I will intersperse bonus "best-of-the-rest" blog posts outlining literally billions of albums that didn't make my final list. Okay, maybe not billions. Slightly fewer than billions. Dozens, perhaps. You see, this is why Resident Advisor stopped doing numbers: there are too many of them. Stupid maths.

Are you ready? One blog post every half-hour until lunchtime, then we start again tomorrow with the top ten. Click here to follow the full list of Fat Roland's best electronic albums of 2019 as it builds up or follow my updates on Twitter.

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